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Dog lameness - opinions needed

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Dog lameness - opinions needed

Postby Kerry Lynch on Sun 04 Jun, 2017 12:44 pm

Hi all, i used to use this forum alot when i had a dog with epilepsy. It seems very quiet now but ill post anyway and see if i get any response.

I have a 7 year old collie dog called Moss. I got him at 14 weeks from DT and he was from a farm in Wales im told. He was doing super at agility until he was 2 then diagnosed with elbow dysplacia. He had an operation at Fitzpatricks on both elbows - right elbow cut tendon and shaved bone and left elbow cut tendon. He did 3 months in a crate etc gradually working up. He had steroids as he was lame after the op but then came sound and then was off lead and has been ever since. He is 7 now as i said. He did go back to some agility at low level and easy stuff but he was too fast over low jumps and it wasnt worth doing as there was so much equipment i didnt want him to do, even though he goes 100 miles an hour everywhere and loves agility.

Anyway he has been lame on and off on the elbows for a few years. Vets say arthritis is mild but there is some. I guess it was to be expected but in hindsight Fitzpatricks led me down an expensive path promising agility again when i should have not bothered with the operation and just accepted he could never do agility again. Anyway he occasionally has a couple of days at home as he is very lame but generally he charges like a lunatic on a walk. I dont throw toys for him and we keep our walks shorter than i would like (and my other dog) and dont medicate unless hes having a very bad day. Im a believer in quality over quantity of life for him having watched many other animals of mine suffer through countless vet procedures that never really stop the inevitable outcome anyway.

2 years ago moss went lame on his right hind. He just looked odd on it and would have days where he would struggle to touch it to the floor but then walk it off and all would look fine and he would be ok for months at a time. He went to the vets and had xrays and had physio and neither could find the cause. he is no longer insured due to legs being excluded. Its got worse in a different way now. He never holds it up he just looks lame in walk and doesnt weight bare when standing still. It makes him wobbly as he doesnt want to put too much weight on the elbows either. However he still charges about on a walk. He couldnt get in the car this week and had to be lifted in and he stumbled getting on his raised bed and he has the oddest way to get on the sofa involving dragging himself up by his front legs clearly because the back leg isnt strong enough. As i say on walks you wouldnt neccesarily see theres a problem as he comes running past.

I think he is in pain but i dont know how much. metacam gives him a bad stomach. I have previcox and tramadol from other dogs but am not sure i want to go down the route of daily painkillers as they contributed to the death of my last dog.

So the question is when is enough enough? I always said as long as my dogs want to walk and eat they keep going and Moss wants to do both but im struggling with his level of inability to get on the sofa or on his bed etc and trying to understand how much pain he is in. I also have an 8 month old baby and a 4 year old daughter. He has always been wonderful with the kids and he continues to be so but i am keeping an eye out for any aggression that would indicate pain.
Kerry Lynch
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Re: Dog lameness - opinions needed

Postby Fiona Hulse on Sat 10 Jun, 2017 4:15 pm

Kerry, I'm sorry to hear that your Moss has been having so many problems. :unsure:

It looks like it'll be necessary for you to carefully manage how easily he can get around, going on a couple of the things you mention that could include:

- get a car ramp so he can get in and out of the car easier and you don't have to lift him (I have one and it's made things much easier with my elderly collie)

- let him have a bed on the floor, not raised, so that he doesn't struggle to get onto his bed.

Beyond that, he clearly does need veterinary attention to assess and deal with the problem with his hind leg.

So get him to a vet for treatment. :wave:
Fiona & Bliss x
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