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This section sets out to give some guidance on best practice dog and agility training methods. It is intended to be of help primarily to our own members, and dog owners wishing to start agility training with us. But we also hope that other visitors to the site will find these tips useful.

You can navigate to the other pages in this section by using the links in the menu to the right. The pages active so far are:

Further articles are planned to cover various topics including:

    • Sendaways and Distance Work: or how to run a fast dog and survive
    • Wicked Wonderful Weaves: practice makes perfect (well, sometimes!)
    • Rear, Front and Blind Crosses: ways of handling side changes on a course
    • Stay - no Wait - no Stay - No! ... the importance of consistent commands
    • Advanced Handling Tricks: find out why nice, clear 'farts' are best
    • Reading the Course: putting it all together in the ring

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