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Agility Websites

AgilityNet - UK site. A large site with lots to read about dog agility.
Agility Bits - UK site. A forum, tips for newbies, and homemade equipment.

Agility Eye - UK magazine. The most widely read agility magazine in the UK.
Agility Organiser - UK site. Show info and maps to help you get organised.

AgilityNerd - US agility blog. Lots of handling tips, exercises, and reviews.
Clean Run - US magazine. Glossy colour mag with agility and canine features.

Agility Blues - course design software. Used to produce the plans on this site.
Course Designer - course design software. US software from Clean Run.
Flexitrack - course design software. Free download, fully functional.

European Open 2008 - German site. The hosts of the EO 2008.
Foxi's Agility - Swiss site. Click on 'Parcours' for 1000's of course plans.

Canine Websites

The Dogpatch - US website. A huge site with loads of information.

Kennel Club - UK governing body for Agility and other dog sports.
FCI - international governing body for Agility and other dog sports.

Border Collie Database - Danish site. Trace your BC's pedigree.
International Sheep Dog Society - UK site. ISDS sheepdog trials.

Turid Rugaas - Norwegian site. All about dogs' use of calming signals.
Karen Pryor - US site. Clicker training from the person who started it all.

Raw Learning - US site. Lots of good info about raw feeding your dogs.
BritBarf - UK site. Very helpful Yahoo group all about raw diets for dogs.

DogsTrust - UK site. A national dog rescue charity.

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