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to Your First Agility Show


The original version of the "Guide to Your First Show" was written in August '99, back in those early days of adventure when Fiona had been competing for just four months with Bobby, her first agility dog (shown on the left at his first show).

In revising this guide she has done her best, several years and a lot of shows later, to preserve the tone of the original. New information has been added to reflect the changing face of Agility.

If you found it useful, do let us know. And if there are areas you feel could usefully be covered in the Guide, we would also be glad to hear from you.

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The All About Agility section linked on the left is where you'll find a range of other info about British agility shows. Such as agility equipment and show organisations, classes and an explanation of the KC Grades, rules and regulations, and where to find online show diaries and schedules to download.

You'll find information about our own shows in the Agility Addicts Shows section. Our Training Tips will get you pointed in the right direction on clicker and contact training, and other aspects of agility training.

We hope you never lose that sense of wonder that your dog is willing to play this agility game with you. Don't take it for granted, but celebrate it with your dog at training and shows. The quote below, from Kathleen Highfill (Ajax Agility School, Oklahoma City), sums up a good way to approach agility.

Run the course like each one is your last. And make it a run that leaves you smiling, if not laughing aloud for the joy of the sport. Otherwise you will have missed the most important thing in agility, the love and companionship of a trusted, loyal and loving canine partner.

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